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Corsa D

1.0 i 12V ECOTEC (60) (3 dr)
1.0 i 12V ECOTEC (60) (5 dr)
1.2 i 16V ECOTEC (80) (3 dr)
1.2 i 16V ECOTEC (80) (5 dr)
1.3 CDTI (75) (3 dr)
1.3 CDTI (75) (5 dr)
1.3 CDTI (90) (3 dr)
1.3 CDTI (90) (5 dr)
1.4 i 16V ECOTEC (90) (3 dr)
1.4 i 16V ECOTEC (90) (5 dr)
1.7 CDTI (125) (3 dr)
1.7 CDTI (125) (5 dr)

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Opel Corsa D 1.4 i 16V ECOTEC (90) (3 dr)
Opel Corsa D 1.4 i 16V ECOTEC (90) (3 dr)

Begining Of The Release2006
Termination Of The Release-
Body Type
Body TypeHatchback
Number Of Doors3
Number Of Seats5
Track Front1485mm
Track Rear1478mm
Max Volume Of A Luggage Carrier1050l
Min Volume Of A Luggage Carrier 285l
Engine LocationFront Cross-section
Output Power90hp
Fuel SystemDistributed Injection
Gas Distributing SystemDohc
Engine AlignmentLined
Number Of Cylinders4
Cylinder Diametr73.4mm
Turning Circle80.6mm
Valves Per Cylinder4
Gears (auto)5
Gears (manual)4
Main Bearings4.18 (4.12)
Suspension FrontAmortisation Rack
Suspension RearTorcion
Brakes FrontDisk
Brakes RearDrum
Steering TypeGearstick
Power Steering+
Diameter Of A Turn10.4m
0-100km/h12.4 (14.8)c
Top Speed173 (166)km/h
Highway Fuel Consumption4.8 (5.7)l/100km
Urban Fuel Consumption7.8 (8.7)l/100km
Combined Fuel Consumption5.9 (6.8)l/100km
Tyres195/55 R16

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