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SeAZ 1111
SeAZ "Serpukhov Motor-car Factory" is the biggest engineering plant in Moscow region. The factory is specialized in "Oka" cars production and sale, as well as their spare parts.

Nowadays OAO "SeAZ" countinues the glorious working traditions of many generations, being supported by its long-term experience, and starts realizing new projects with confidence.

The "Serpukhov motor-car factory" was founded July 7th, 1939.

That day two orders were signed: by the People's Commissar of General Engineering Industry and by the head of "Glavmotoveloprom", concerning production of small capacity motorcycles.

From 1939 to 1995 the factory produced motorcycle-cars of different modifications.

From the beginning of 1980th the factory enters the period of its development: new car prototype was designed and produced, and it got "Oka" name and anticipated the car produced nowadays.

In 1985 the USSR Council of Ministers issued a decree "About creation of new capacities for production of a new model of extra-small car at "AvtoVAZ" and "KamAZ" corporations and at Serpukhov Motor-car Factory, all belonging to the USSR Automotive Industry Ministry".

The Serpukhov factory was significantly rebuilt for the new tasks. The leading enterprises as well as foreign companies were entrusted with the equipment for production and assembling: Durr, Bollhoff and PPG. In 1989 in the context of this program realization, the factory started assembly of the first cars of the extra-small class. At the time the factory entered to "AvtoVAZ" corporation.

In the middle of 1995 "AvtoVAZ" corporation fully transferred the "Oka" assembly to "SMZ". The factory’s name was changed to "Serpukhov Motor-car Factory" ("Serpukhovsky Avtomobilny Zavod" – SeAZ).

Work on a concept vehicle which latter became the «Oka» begun in VAZ in 1981, the leading designer of the project "OKA" was Jury Nikolaevich Kuteev. In the group of designers from VAZ were:
Y.Vereschagin, the designer of the body and interior details;
I.N.Novikov, the designer for development of the engine;
Mr. Romanchuk, the designer of the gear box;
and the engineer-designer of the configuration N.Kozachok and Mr. Rozov.
Mini-car "OKA" was developed in 1986 and is produced since 1987 without any major modifications.
Since the start of production at ZMA 300,000 "OKA" mini-cars were produced as of February 11, 2005.
Production of the "OKA" mini-cars was started on November 6, 1987.
At first this production was based in "KAMAZ" where commercial trucks are produced.
In December 1991 this factory was reorganized into joint-stock company "ZMA".
Since September 1994 this factory is situated in an industrial complex, which was tooled for production of 10,000 cars annually.
The production of the "OKA" mini-cars has been steadily increased.
Marketing department was organized at ZMA in 1994. It began to create and extend export markets.
Until 1995 SeAZ used the ready-made cars that were supplied by VAZ, and was engaged only in their re-equipment in version for invalids. But from the mid 1995 the factory has mastered full manufacture of the car, including welding, painting and assembly. Under SeAZ release of "Oka" new versions have been specially constructed, and SeAZ has finally said goodbye to the status of the manufacturer of invalid motorized carriages. To survive in uneasy conditions of the Russian market, SeAZ in Serpukhov besides invalid versions have begun release of the usual "OKA". Updated model with an index 11113 (engine displacement volume was increased to 750 cc). At the same time on the conveyor were also assembled models 11113-01 (for people without both legs(foots)) and 11113-02 (for people without one leg(foot)).
In 1996 SeAZ it has produced 3,400 minicars "OKA".
18,919 cars were produced in 1997 by ZMA, that is double the volume of 1996 production.
In 1997 SeAZ it has produced 8,400 minicars "OKA".
75,000 of "OKA" mini-cars were produced by December 1998.
"OKA" car has good handling qualities, it is easy and safe for everyone to drive. "OKA" is very economical car.
"OKA" cars meet all modern requirements.
There is continuing and stable demand for "OKA" cars in Russia.
Future plans the ZMA factory are to increase car production and expand to new export markets.
"OKA" mini-car still has good outlook for future demand in Russia and other countries.
Today "OKA" is the least expensive car in Russia and that is why demand for these mini-cars will continue to be high for next 5 to 7 years.
Moscow and Tatarstan are currently the two top sales regions of "OKA".
MIROX Corporation of Las Vegas, Nevada is the Manufacturer's U.S. Representative and is actively introducing the "OKA" mini-cars to North America.
"OKA" mini-cars were introduced to American public at the 2004 Los Angeles Auto Show and were exhibited again at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2005.
In 2004 the ZMA factory produced 41,391 mini-cars in 82 different colors and 23 levels of trim.
Since the start of production at ZMA 296,084 "OKA" mini-cars were produced as of December 31, 2004
On February 11, 2005 the 300,000th "OKA" mini-car leaves the final assembly at ZMA.
But 2005 has brought bad news for "OKA" mini-cars. AUTOVAZ has lowered the production of the two-cylinder engine that was used in "OKA" mini-cars. And VAZ has then made the final decision on stopping the manufacture of this unit. As a result in 2005 the two factories (ZMA and SeAZ) could assemble hardly more than 43,000 cars.
2006 has begun for admirers of "OKA" mini-cars still less pleasantly. Since April assembly in Naberezhnye Chelny by ZMA has stopped, in Serpukhov release of "OKA" is continued by SeAZ, but the few cars produced at SeAZ obviously do not satisfy all current consumer demand for "OKA" mini-cars in Russia. As a result the retail prices for "OKA" in the first 6 months of 2006 have already increased more than 20 % and still continue to grow further.
The prospect of future manufacture of cars " OKA " is connected with installation in this minicar of Chinese power unit. This three-cylinder 1.0 Liter engine coupled with 5 speed transaxle meets the just enacted in Russia environmental regulation that requires all new vehicles sold in Russia to meet at the minimum the "EURO 2" emission standard.
Such "EURO 2" version is already developed by SeAZ and now passed certification and operational tests.
In September, 2006 the "OKA" mini-car production commenced at SeAZ with the Daihatsu licensed powertrain that is made in China by FAW.
Another small production still exists in Naberezhnye Chelny by KAZ, which utilizes power units manufactured by MeMZ in Ukraine. These are four-cylinder engines of 1.1 Liter and 1.3 Liter displacement mated to 4 speed manual shift transaxle. KAZ is also producing few vehicles for export to USA, which are imported by MIROX Corporation.
In 2007 SeAZ will also custom produce few vehicles for MIROX Corporation that will be exported to USA.

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